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At SAS Cranes & Logistics we specialize in exporting late-model All Terrain Cranes from Europe to the customer’s Port of Choice in the United States.

  • SAS arranges inland transportation and delivery of the crane with all additional loads to a European Port for Ocean Freight to the United States.
  • The SAS team of licensed Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders oversee the customs entry, admissibility of the crane, documentation, packing list, valuation, payment of duties, taxes, insurance, and or any other charges.
  • Upon delivery of the Crane to the customer’s Port of Choice in the United States, the SAS team handles all the proper documentation to clear customs, such as Bill of Lading, Customs Forms, etc. to release the crane directly to the customer.
  • SAS also provides inland transport of the crane and additional loads for customers needing the crane delivered directly to a job site or to a crane yard. Long Haul or Short Haul, our network of certified Heavy Haulers are ready to deliver.

Popular Ports for Receiving Cranes from Europe

Newark, NJ (New York, NY)

If you have CRANES to SELL, TRADE-IN, or PLACE ON CONSIGNMENT, we would love to hear from you! Send us your list including Make, Model, Year, and Your Best Price.

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